Frequently Asked Questions.


What type of doula services do you provide?

I provide Birth, Postpartum, and Bereavement Doula services. 

Why would I need a doula if I am going to have an epidural?

Just because your choosing an epidural does not mean you can't use a doula. With an epidural involved you still will need comfort techniques, changing of positions, different ways of pushing and there will be many decisions needing to be made while laboring and during the birth. I equip with you with the education before hand so in the moment you are able to make an informed decision in the moment. I also can help you navigate the changes that are occurring and help take some of the pressure off of your partner. One of the most popular things I hear is how comforting it is to see a safe and familiar face of someone you know, who also knows what is going on in the chaos of strangers in the delivery room. 

How as a doula do you work with my partner?

Let me start by saying this, this labor and birth is an experience for you two to have together. Your partner knows you best and I know birth best. So together we make a pretty excellent team. I will provide your partner with comfort techniques and ideas to help you in labor while I will focus on changing your positions, getting you into a better pushing position, helping you with ideas if your labor stalls or it might look something like providing comfort measures while your partner needs to rest or eat. I 

What do you charge?

I provide all my potential clients with a free consultation to make sure I am a good fit for your birth team. We can talk on the phone or grab coffee or lunch. There we will discuss pricing options and what my doula service packages include. I am happy to work with families and their budgets so please don't hesitate to reach out. 

I'm ready to set up a consult, now what?

I am privileged to be apart of each families journey. When you have decided your ready, you can reach out through the contact form below, email me at or call me at 970-690-6985. Can't wait to chat! 


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